Abrites Common Setup

Abrites Common Setup

Latest version: 20220811


File Name Size MD5 Checksum
SetupInterface_Common.exe 1.2M ae62f1777198c5cf5e083edc95f141da
SetupInterface_Common-1.bin 2.0G f96256b04e3b06ece49df40abdb32324
SetupInterface_Common-2.bin 2.0G 147e9928cb9038561296f44cd270141d
SetupInterface_Common-3.bin 196M 53afbc217edb8bfa9496a9a8fa4c89d0


Peer-to-peer Download

Torrent file

Use your torrent client or try http://deluge-torrent.org.


Direct Download

Please download all three files and make sure they are stored in the same folder. Start the executable file 'SetupInterface_Common.exe' and follow the on-screen instructions.

Please note that the preferred option is the peer-to-peer download. Alternatively, you can also use the direct download option.