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MODI is a next-generation mobile diagnostic interface, designed, developed and manufactured by Abrites. It has been created with automotive enthusiasts in mind, giving you a vast variety of diagnostic and customisation options. MODI allows you to access full vehicle health information in order to understand your car better. Hundreds of customisation options await within the MODI app, to ensure you make your car the way you like it and take control.
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The MODI hardware is Bluetooth-enabled and works with the designated MODI and VIN Reader apps.
Download the MODI app HERE.

Main functionalities:

  • Vehicle diagnostics
  • Reading and clearing diagnostic trouble codes
  • Live data display in graph and table view
  • Module scan
  • Coding and customisation options
  • Reading of VIN numbers in all electronic modules where present


Supported brands:

  • Multi-brand compatible

MODI is the ultimate mobile diagnostic device, ever evolving to meet your expectations. Usage is simple - just download the app, install, plug in MODI in your vehicle's OBDII port, connect via Bluetooth, and you are good to go!
MODI - Diagnostics in Motion.